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Mar 10, 2022

Avtar Panesar is VP Special Projects at Yash Raj Films and an industry veteran with rare experience of helming international film and home entertainment markets for Indian cinema overseas. He has developed sustainable relationships in the complex space of international film distribution and contributed towards building the YRF brand both within the diaspora as well as non-traditional markets across the globe. Since 1997, Avtar has gradually seeded and developed inroads in film, home video and music markets in challenging international markets like UK and UAE as well as others. Using his previous professional learnings, he spearheaded music publishing, design and print for DVD packaging from London. He has executed fresh marketing and PR ideas and campaigns to popularize films and content distributed by YRF. His holistic approach to transparent, professional and lucrative international film distribution has helped bring Bollywood films to mainstream multiplexes in key international diaspora markets and beyond. He has been a prominent figure representing YRF at world class film festivals, often speaking at panels on Indian Cinema.